We poured the roof!

 In Casa de Compai

 This month ( August 2017 ) was a great turning point in construction, because we finished the heavy lifting.  All three floors are built,  and the roof is poured. It was a wonder experience watching the shell of the new building take shape and how the difference in construction is here. The first thing I noticed was the lack of machines. Everything is done by hand. To get blocks, sand, and cement up to the highest point they use a bucket, rope, and pulley.  Everyday I would see the same men fill up a 5 gallon bucket and the next guy would lift it to its destination . This is what my former employee  Michael would do as well to earn a second salary.

Using the bucket and rope!!

 As they would add a floor they would frame out the floor with plywood and wooden braces. Then they would add in small blocks of concrete and rest the large amount of rebar on the same blocks the keep them elevated off the plywood. The rebar needs to be in the middle of the form to provide the desired strength. After the rebar is installed then comes the water lines and the tubing. They come out of the factory as a single unit, but a new water line can be pull into the tubing if I need to replace a water line. We are using the P.E.C.S water pipe. Then the pvc tubes are installed so the electric can be run to all the outlets and fuse box. As each floor is prepared to be poured the ruff in mechanicals get installed at that time. So not only  the backbone of the building was being constructed so are the mechanicals. It takes four and a half cement trucks to construct a floor. The forms are kept in place for two weeks or more. At night my watchman will water down the new floor every 3 hours to slow down the drying process. It will make the concrete stronger. The longer it takes for concrete to fully kick the stronger it will be.

 The next step we are working on now is the final coat of cement on the outside of the building. We are planning on having this done by the end of the month. The first two floors inside are finished with the final coat. What a difference that makes. September will be doors and windows!!! I already picked out my floor and bathroom tiles , and paint colors!!!! 

 What has also impressed my very much is the height of the building. I have 10 foot ceilings in each unit. In North America that nice, but here in the Caribbean its awesome! Anything to help cool the units and make the units look even larger is a great feature.

looking at units 4,6,8.

 I have to say, in my 30 years of redoing old properties , Casa De Compai, has been the most rewarding and enjoyable. I wont lie, drinks on the beach at the end of the day helps.

 Thank for reading and please share my blog!!

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