27 weeks, 2 hurricanes, 1 dog.

 In Casa de Compai

I moved to Sosua full time Easter Sunday 2017, that was 27 weeks ago. The next day ground was broken to start the six new one bedroom units. It was a very exciting time, and it still is, even  with construction nearing the end. I am astounded at the quality and speed of this build. It had enabled me to sleep very well at night.  I am happy to be at the point as  of October 15, 2017 where the tile is in. The first coat of paint is on the interior and they started painting the outside. All of the ruff in mechanicals are finished. It very easy to see progress when the men are adding rows of block and pouring floors. But when the carpenters are off site building the mahogany kitchens and bathroom vanities interior and exterior doors, things slow down. I don’t want those items rushed either. We have also started finishing the site as well. I am so happy that the space between the two building will be tilled soon. My dog Shadow loves to play in the sand. That sand makes its way into my casa. All the time!!! I have my furniture being made, and it should be on site by the first week on November. The curtains are done, ready to be hung. The mattresses are being ordered next week, and pictures for the walls as well. Things are moving very fast. I go to Santigo October 4,2017 to purchase the items to outfit the kitchens and bathrooms. The appliances are ordered and and ready to be installed when the kitchens are done. The the kitchens will have a 3/4 size refrigerator and a range with a 4 burner top with oven .

I would like to thank everyone who reached out to me during the two hurricanes, your thoughts and prayers moved me and meant a lot. We got very lucky with those two storms. The location of Sosua is a benefit. On the north coast we have high mountains , these mountains helps break down any storms that come across the island. When the hurricanes are to the north or off our coast these mountains and the thermals  that comes off the mountains help push the storms away from the island. The  second thing that helps us is the Mona Passage between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico is very deep. When the winds come out of the mountains on the north coast its causes upwelling of the deeper colder water. The hurricanes as we all know try to stay over warmer water, thus they go more north.  Casa De Compai, suffered no damage from the storm at all. Durning both storms I had my windows open and surfing the web. We did lose power when the power company cut power. I believe that was a smart decision. The new building is very high and is between the ocean and the older building.. Each unit has 10 foot ceilings, the hight of the building blocked the winds. For the second storm I saw the storm was tracking more north so I didn’t remove my awnings. 



  Well, it looks like Shadow is making a name for herself. Thanks in advance to my clients who are bringing in treats for her when they arrive. Shadow is doing wonderful, she has really adapted to a non street life. She loves sitting in a blue pool chair, or hanging with the guards at night. She is never alone, and she loves company. She has put on weight, and she listens so much better. After 4 months she has really settled in. She is a wonderful friend. She even goes to the bars with me, it gotten to the point the bar maids ask me where my girlfriend is, yup that ‘s Shadow!!


 Thanks for reading my blog, if you like please share.

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  • Zave

    Your spot looks awesome Cousin. Keep up the good work. You are proof that we can have anything we want out of life. Its a big world, and you have carved out your own slice of Heaven to share with others.

    • Compai

      Thanks Zave, Casa DE Compai is really looking great. I am looking for the time when you can come down and enjoy the slice of heaven!!

  • Angelo

    Wow, the place looks amazing, I can’t believe how quickly it has come together! We are so happy things are going well, dodged the storms, rescued a pup and the Casa De Compai coming together. Congratulations and let us know if you ever come to SW Virginia!

    • Compai

      Hello Angelo, I am a big fan of Virginia, its a great state. I have lots of family in West Virginia. Thanks for your post, its nice to know your reading and I really appreciate your words of encouragement. I hope all is well in your world.

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