The calm before the storm.

 In Casa de Compai

I often wonder that peoples backgrounds are and their life experiences. Especially what has brought them to where they are in their life. Everyone has a story, some are good, some are bad, some are plain, some could even be movies. As the high season for Casa de Compai is under full swing, we have quests checking in and starting vacations in the Caribbean, while others prepare to return to the daily lives they left behind. I get the same question all the time, Your so lucky how did you manage to make the move? It wasn’t easy, it took many years and lots of overtime, plus bartending every weekend  from April to October to prepare for the move. Like anything else in life , nothing is guaranteed it takes lots of work, time and commitment to the cause. See, everyone has a dream, but very few step out side the comfort zone, cut the safety cord and make the life change. So when I have the chance to meet another new expatriates I find it very interesting to learn about their transitions. I have to say I have been extremely lucky to have made the friendships I have. When you move to a new county the local expat community ( hopefully ) will become a source of information , companionship and friendship. See, everyone brings something to the table, and the simplest connections can led into friendships that are mutually beneficial. My friendship with my property manager Thomas Zins is an excellent example of that. So is the friendship I have with Lindsay De Feliz. Lindsay is a very well respected author who’s book “What about your sauce pans?” is a must read for anyone thinking of moving to a new country. Her blog gives a great insight to the daily life in the Dominican Republic. I am pleased to say she was a guest at Casa de Compai and that vacation gave us the opportunity to exchange backgrounds and stories that leed into her being able to write this article http;// and I am very thankful for being selected.

  As work takes away free time, the stresses of running a condo complex makes its easy to lose sight of why the move was made to the Caribbean . For me I have to go back to the core, the beach. To me nothing is better than an afternoon swimming in the warm water, laying in the warm sun, and most of all, drinking a beer just looking at the ocean. I guess it doesn’t matter where you live, what you do, everyone needs to have that escape. The real question is what is yours? I am happy to say I have mine, it might not be perfect, but I don’t expect it to be. As long as the beer is cold, the ocean is blue, and I still can swim I will have the reason I made my move.

 These pictures are of a beach that doesn’t get used often. I enjoy driving the 10 minutes and having an almost private beach. This is one reason I picked the north coast of the Dominican Republic. The country is so pretty and still has lots of open space. If you are one of my guests at Casa de Compai ask me about this blog post and we can buy some drinks and take a quick ride. You will be happy we did!!

  April 1st is the start date to build six more units at Casa de Compai, I guess its safe to say this is the calm before the storm when life will get even more occupied and crazier than the high season. The worst part is I won’t have the conversation with my guests to make the day more pleasant. When people around you are happy, and enjoying the time in Sosua, it always reminds me of why I moved. There is a common thread, between vacationers or expats, to me its refreshing to see and hear those points.

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  • Lindsay de Feliz

    Thanks John. And I would recommend anyone to stay at Casa de Compai – great place.

    • jkumpel68

      Thank you Lindsay! Hope to see you soon at Casa de Compai!

  • Gina Delgado

    Awasone story John!. I always being fascinated by the blue ocean and beautiful beaches in Dominican Republic. You inspired others to make their dreams come truth in the Caribbean. One of my dreams is to find a spot in a quiet island and live the rest of my life enjoying the beauty of their beaches surrounding me. Get up and smell the ocean breeze, take a long walks by the shore, swimming in the blue ocean and build my last memories there. Casa del Compaq is ur dream come true and a step forward to someone who wants to live their own dream. I am so proud of you and good luck with ur new project.

    • jkumpel68

      Thank you Gina, I really appreciate you kind words, and yes the ocean is as beautiful as the picture!

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