The Beginning!

Old side view

Pre renovation.

  Thanks for reading my blog! I get lots of questions about the renovation of Casa de Compai, what it looked like before and why did I settle on that property.

The reason I purchased Casa de Compai was the location. I am one block off Pedro Clisante while being in a quiet area. My guest can walk anywhere in town , and the main beach is only a ten minute walk away. Like they say about realestate,  location location location. What also appealed to me was the size. The property was large enough to provide enough income but small enough not to be overwhelming.

 So what I am going to do is try to show the progress from the very beginning until present.

 I purchased Casa de Compai in September 2014, and to be honest, it was a complete mess. It needed a complete refurbished.  But, that’s what I like, I want to put my own stamp on my properties. Some people like to redo classic cars, or boats,I  redo properties, I have been doing this since I was twenty years old. It was something I learned from my father and grandfather.

   The first thing I did was raise the exterior wall two more blocks and add a new finish layer of concrete to have smooth even finish. This also provided the property more privacy and security. The old walls didn’t have a smooth finish either. Most people would power wash it and add some paint and be done with it. The issue with doing that is the non smooth surface will hold first and moister and allow mold to grow. Having a property in a tropical environment , maintenance is everything. Construct everything as maintiance free or easy as possible.

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  • Rob

    Visiting Sosua this week would like to book a unit for my 4 day stay

    • jkumpel68

      Hello Rob, we received your inquiry, please check your inbox, and we hope you have a wonderful trip.

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