Meet Shadow

 In Casa de Compai

   In June I pulled up and parked infront of Casa De Compai with my good friend Dan Heintz, when he opened his door a little black dog jumped on his lap. Dan looked at me and said ” I didn’t know you had a dog?” I said ” I don’t ” then Dan said in his retired Army First Sergeant voice ” you do now !” Well, he was right! We both thought the black dog was a puppy until we saw she was lactating , and that really explained why she was so skinny.  So ,I gave her  some food and she ate, and went on her way, back to her puppies we believed.

Relaxing after playing fetch with a pvc tube.

   After Dan left I went to the local super market down the street and bought some dog food. I knew she would be back. Then I instructed my watchmen to leave the gate open enough for her to enter and eat the food and water I had on the patio for her. It took her four days to return. She ate, then took a long nap, then left, only to return four days later. This routine took about 3 weeks, with the days between her visits getting shorter and shorter. Then one day, she just never left. I tried in the between her visits to find where she had her litter of pups. I was prepared to bring them to Casa De Compai and then when they were old enough to get them adapted. But I never could find where she was nested down. It wasn’t until  much later I noticed she would always go for walk around the corner from the complex. Then , with the help of my neighbor I found where she would go. There is a building that is used by a hardware store to house stock. It is a very large lot with lots of trees. She would go there, and one day I saw her enter though a hole in the concrete wall. I walked around to the front gate and I could see her playing with the two other dogs inside. Then I know where her puppies were, and more than likely the guard took them and sold them. Two questions answered in one day.

Shadow loves the car.

   I gave her a some time to get adjusted, before I really changed her routine.  I knew she was adjusted when I walk around the corner to have a beer and she was under my bar stool. Then I knew it was time for a leash. Then I knew she wasn’t going to move on down the road, and she decided Casa De Compai was her home, Then it was off to get her cleaned up. Thank you Darla at Dogs Only Getaway Spa ( or Facebook ) for the grooming and de fleeing and de ticking. I have to say the little dog sure cleaned up well. She has very long fur, so we had it cut very short to remove the burrs and matts. I have to say, I think she enjoyed her new look,  and it has to be cooler.

Morning coffee!

 The next step was Dr Bob. No more puppies!!! After she put on enough weight as she was able to I  got her fixed and shots.

  Now I am happy to say I have a great little friend. She loves people, and she has to be in the center of the action. She helps the workers pull the rope to lift block upstairs. She knows when its lunch time, and who to see for a treat. I am very happy how she has adapted to her new home. She gets her long walk on the beach every morning, and plays fetch and tug of war pool side in the evenings. Not to mention all the food she wants. She has put on some good weight, she listens very well, she loves her walks on a leash, and loves the car ride. She is a great addition to Casa De Compai, now she is my greeter or mascot.

This is one of the morning walks.

Watching the workers poolside.

 It was Darla who gave her the name Shadow. When Darla said ” wow John you sure have a shadow !” I said thats her name, not because she is a black dog, because she is my Shadow!!

Happy hours drinks at the bar.



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  • Richard Regan

    Cathy Regan here…great story and wonderful mascot!!

    • Compai

      Thanks you Cathy, she is a great dog and wonderful friend. I hope you enjoyed my blog.

  • Diane Roper

    Hi John,
    Chris and I so enjoyed the story of Shadow. You are both so fortunate to have found each other.
    I also liked reading your synopsis of pre Sosua life. Interesting,
    I am an early morning walker, so may be able to take Shadow along if she wants to join me.
    Chris and I are busy sorting and packing, looking forward to the holiday season in N.S. followed by our trip to Sosua. Anything you have a hankering for from N.S.? Just let us know.
    Diane and Chris
    Diane and Chris

    • Compai

      Hello Diane And Chris,
      Thank you, shadow is a gem, she makes me laugh all day long. She really has become a wonderful dog. The more people around the happier she is. She loves walks, she can’t get enough, so you defiantly have a walking compainion. You will be here before you know it. I am getting the final things done in the units this ( November 27, 2017) week because my first guest arrives December 2nd to stay in a new unit. They are better than I imagined.
      Have a happy Christmas and Safe New Year and see you very soon.

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