Kitchens, bathrooms, and tile!!!

 In Casa de Compai

  At times I still don’t fully realize I am living in Sosua full time. Maybe its because I have switched condos 3 times  inside Casa De Compai, or, because I have been so busy working. Sure, I have my downtime spent on the beach,  and the afternoon drinks, even having Sombra (aka Shadow ) gives it a different point of view. Everyday is full of work and opportunities, I really enjoy being the boss of my own time, not having to give a company 40+ hours of my week for a set reward. Now I look out my window to see my reward. 

  Its Thanksgiving week 2017 and things are really starting to take shape, I am very very happy to see the kitchens almost completely installed. The kitchens are all made out of mahogany, from the frames to the doors ! Everything ! I decided on a simple picture frame style of door. Its nice and simple, and I like the straight lines of the construction to allow the wonderful grains of the wood to show. I also didn’t use any stain to alter the color of the wood. I like the natural soft look of mahogany to accent itself. All I did was to have a couple of  clear coat sealers applied to the wood. The counter tops are granite. I chose a white base with specks of black and purple throughout the granite. The look I want to achieve is a light and airy feel to the units. I don’t want a dark and heavy look. I have curtains and fabric to add color to the unit and accent the condos individualy.

  The full bathroom and the half bathroom have the same vanity had from the same wood and finish style as the kitchen.  The main difference is the bathroom vanities will have marble top instead of granite. My contractor decided to change this to give a different look because there will be a lot of granite used in Casa De Compai. The kitchen table is granite mounted to the wall and its lager enough for two people to eat, but small enough not to over power the room. In the bedroom is another small table mounted to the wall to be a computer station and make up vanity for the ladies.

  All the doors are also  solid mahogany including the exterior doors. On the doors the full beauty of the wood is able to been seen. All total they are six solid wood doors in each of the new units. I like them so much I will have to replace the older doors on units one and two so the will match the new one bedroom units.

The other major hurdle I jumped over was getting the concrete poured and the coralina and installed between the two buildings. The tile now is installed from the back of the property to the front gate. No more dirt, dust, and mud. That makes me so happy, shadow misses her sand piles though, hahah. She would spend hours digging in the sand, it was always fun to watch. The coralina is more expense and other tile I could have chosen, but, coralina doesn’t get hot nor does it get slippery when its wet.  These are very big pluses! I also had coralina installed on the stairs as well. In my opinion its  money well spent.

 I am also happy to say I am now able to take reservations for December 2017!! I welcome my first guest to Casa De Compai in the new units the first week of December . I know Graham will appreciate all the work because, he is a developer himself and understands what has been done and the amount of work done , to get to this point, that  the adverage person doesn’t get to see.

Shadow posing with the new tile and guard house in the background.

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