Hurricane Irma preparations.

 In Casa de Compai

  Well here we go, a Category 5 hurricane blowing across the atlantic !! As if I don’t have enough on my plate with building 6 more units, rehabbing 4 exciting units and updating my personal condo. Not to mention hosting guests at my property in The Garden Condos.

Living in southern New Jersey I have lived from 5-6 named hurricanes  including Super Storm Sandy and Irene. We also get hit with another type of low pressure storm called a Nor”Easter. If you even seen the move The perfect Storm that is a Nor ‘Easter. So , I take these storms very, very seriously, probably more than most people.

As Irma was growing in size and strength I received lots of contact from family, friends, readers of the blog, and guests at Casa De Compai asking for information and wishing me well. I appreciated every thought and prayer that was send my way, I was truly moved by the concern.

In these storms its all about being prepared as best as you can be. The first thing I did was buy food for shadow and myself. Then it was all about the properties. I have a tenet in The Garden Condos so he could bring in the rocking chairs on the balcony, so thats one less thing to worry about.

At Casa De Compai, I set the business up to be as self sufficient as possible. Here in the Dominican Republic we don’t have the infrastructor as richer nations. That means the business owner needs to fill in the gap. I took equipping Casa De Compai very seriously. I have a private well with a top of the line filtration system. That means I can drink the tap water !!  I have plenty of propane on site as well. I have two 100 hundred pound bottles for cooking and hot water. My pool pump runs on solar energy. The things that makes all this work is the back up diesel generator. With out that I would be at the mercy of the local power company . The days leading up to the storm I filled up the diesel tank, thats 100 gallons , both bottles of propane, thats 200 pounds, and the tank for the grill also.

Then next thing I did was remove the blue awnings from the from of the building. That was a total of 16 bolts and two grande beers for the workers who took the hour to help me. I removed all rocking chairs and pool chairs and put them inside the new property. Casa De Compai is ready to go.

What I really want to see is how much the new building blocks the storm for the smaller building. Time will tell

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