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John (Compai) Kumpel

  Compai and Kumpel both mean buddy or pal. John, the owner is from Southern New Jersey, and a former member of the U.S. Army, and formerly a utility worker. In 2010, John purchased his first property in Sosua at the Garden Condos. Then, shortly after he realized Sosua is where he wanted to live. In 2014 John was able to purchase what is now Casa de Compai. It was the fulfillment of a dream, to be able to do what he has done for 25+ years in Southern New Jersey restoring old homes, now John has done that in the Caribbean. John’s vision for Casa de Compai is to provide an opulent vacation rental, in a upgraded well maintained property, at an affordable cost. 

  As Casa de Compai has grown and welcomed new and former guests to the property, attention has increased about Casa de Compai to the extent that an international magazine wrote a story about John (Compai), and how Casa de Compai started as a wish, and became  the property it is today. John encourages everyone to read the blog, and follow the development of Casa de Compai.  Here is the link to the magazine article that provides a wonderful background into the beginning of this new chapter of  John (Compai’s) life. http;//

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