Meet Shadow

   In June I pulled up and parked infront of Casa De Compai with my good friend Dan Heintz, when he opened his door a little black dog jumped on his lap. Dan looked at me and said ” I [...]

We poured the roof!

 This month ( August 2017 ) was a great turning point in construction, because we finished the heavy lifting.  All three floors are built,  and the roof is poured. It was a wonder experience [...]

Good bye Micheal.

I remember the day after I purchased Casa De Compai, I was at the Finish Line ( a local expat bar ) and the owner and  a very good friend of mine ( also named Micheal )  told me an ex-employee of [...]

Beach venders shop #7.

  Its no secret that I love the beach. Its is the reason I am living in Sosua in the Dominican Republic. As you walk along Playa Sosua there is a row of small buildings. Some are impressive for [...]

The calm before the storm.

I often wonder that peoples backgrounds are and their life experiences. Especially what has brought them to where they are in their life. Everyone has a story, some are good, some are bad, some [...]

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