Beach venders shop #7.

  Its no secret that I love the beach. Its is the reason I am living in Sosua in the Dominican Republic. As you walk along Playa Sosua there is a row of small buildings. Some are impressive for [...]

The calm before the storm.

I often wonder that peoples backgrounds are and their life experiences. Especially what has brought them to where they are in their life. Everyone has a story, some are good, some are bad, some [...]


    I have been so focused of telling the story of how Casa de Compai has been transformed from as run down local rental complex into a welcoming refurbished vacation condo complex, I have [...]

We need a well.

For the last two years, until the autumn of 2016 the Dominican Republic has been a drought. Many homes and businesses were without city water for days, weeks and even months. Many of the rivers [...]

Its pool time!

Every vacation destination needs a pool!  Right! Who in their right mind would rent a vacation condo that doesn’t have a pool. The pool is a focal point of every condo complex,  all [...]

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