Beach venders shop #7.

 In Casa de Compai

  Its no secret that I love the beach. Its is the reason I am living in Sosua in the Dominican Republic. As you walk along Playa Sosua there is a row of small buildings. Some are impressive for being on the beach , others are not. These small building house small bars, restaurants and gift shops. One of the things that took me a while to get used to is every vendor asking me to visit their business. To be honest its can get old. What I never really took into consideration was the kind of living these business can provide. Sure I knew people made a living from the beach but the impact a small souvenir shop can have on a family.

 My friend Dan from Colorado introduced me to a very nice couple who have had this souvenir shop for 27 years. They are Rufino and Salome. Their shop is located at the El Batey ( the tourist ) side of Playa Sosua shop #7. All the building have a number in the top corner, so when your meeting friends on the beach just give them the number and they will find you.

   I never ever buy anything on the beach because I am not a tourist, I live here. But I really needed a way to keep my receipt in order and my small things. So Dan says come on, lets go to my friends store and see what they have. I have to say I was happy I did. I found a small maghnoy box that has become my junk drawer. I had to down size, I don’t have the space for clutter !! As much as I like the box, I liked meeting Rufino and Salome even more. We had a wonderful conversation , I was shocked to learn that this shop, provided them a respectable living, and put their son though collage . He is a engineer living in the capital. They have a daughter who is in collage in Spain, studying to be an architect.  This little shop has improved their lives, so the next time your walking along the beach, and you get asked to have a drink, its more that just beer, its someones living.

 Rufino and Salome.

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